Feed, Nourish and Diversify Your Gut Microbiome For Excellent Immunity.

Posted by Dom Lewis on

Weight Loss and the link to a boosted immune system

With all the news about how important it is to have a strong immune system, and watching the statistics showing how underlying health conditions affect rates of recovery, it is even more important to feed your gut properly.

The health of your gut affects your immune system, and is a direct result of what you eat.

Your digestive system houses two thirds of your immune system. When you eat sugar, processed foods, foods fed on or covered in pesticides or hormones or any other substances that attack your gut microbiome, you damage the lining of your gut which leads directly to damage to the immune system.

Your gut microbiome, which is over 500 species of bacteria, equalling trillions of individual bacteria and weighing over 1.5kg, is your own local government responsible for maintaining equilibrium of the body through the gut.

When you allow damage to the gut wall, which is only one cell deep, you pay a heavy price. This inflammation can lead to brain fog, digestive issues, autoimmune disease and more importantly a decline in the power of your mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of our body’s cells.

When your mitochondria powers decrease, you age and are more susceptible to illness and chronic disease.

Now is the time to take charge of your immune system, by watching what you feed your gut, to stop inflammation. Think PREbiotics to boost and nourish your existing gut microbiome, then PRObiotics to encourage a healthy diversity and then a daily feed (OrganiGreen) to keep everything on track including your immune system.

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