Foods Can Cause Inflammation

Posted by Dom Lewis on

Foods can cause inflammation by irritating the gut wall (lining), which sends a signal to your immune system to send in the troops (white blood cells) and attack!

These ‘foods’ can cause ruptures in the lining (tears) which can allow undigested food particles and bacteria to enter the body (consider the gut as outside our protected area - our gut lining is our defensive wall).

Not great!

But then your immune system has a secondary response and sends cytokines (protein) into your bloodstream because it recognises and invader (real or imaginary).

And BAMM! Stressed cells. Stressed mitochondria.

Your gut microbiome is responsible for looking after your gut lining, the barrier between you, toxins and the outside world. With the gut lining only being one cell thick it is easily broken down, leading to "leaky gut", which is equivalent to a damn breaking or a front line falling.

Eating well, keeping processed foods, sugar and lectins out of our diet help hugely.

When thinking of any dis-ease (disease) in the body, we should always be looking at entry points and so much recent evidence points towards our gut (which houses two thirds of our immune system) being something we need to shore up and defend.

Look after you gut. Feed it well. It’s real and it loves you!

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