Head disease off at the pass

Posted by Dom Lewis on

As we say, we are more bacteria than human. More alien than human.
And looking after the gut buddies that make number into the trillions, is the key to heading disease off at the pass.
Stopping it before it goes to the races.
Simple – to stop the sugary energy drinks, stop the processed food.
Revert to goodness.
Many chronic and autoimmune diseases have been linked in countless studies to an imbalanced microbiome

Heart Disease
Mental health and mood

The great news is that we can alter our microbiome. Change the path to inflammation and disease.

Swop it out.

Swop the sugar.

Switch to the green stuff. Eat more probiotic and digestive fibre. Get diverse.

Weed:Seed:Feed your microbiome like your life depends on it. Because it will reward you.

Big time.

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