Healthy gut, healthy liver?

Posted by Dom Lewis on

When your gut is dealing with all of the toxic waste, by transporting it to your liver, it needs to be running at full power to stop a build-up of toxins.

As the toxins enter your liver, which also needs to be on form, it begins destroying depleted red blood cells, manufacturing proteins and cholesterol along with blood clotting agents, and storing glycogen, fats and proteins.

Phew! But it also converts proteins and fats to carbohydrates, changes galactose into glucose, extracts ammonia and converts it into urea from amino acids, and…

The list goes on, including converting adipose tissue (where fat is stored) into ketones and dealing with alcohol.

The whole process in the digestive system needs a fully functioning, energised and on form gut.

Make that process that much easier and fluid by powering up with organic goodness.

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