Why can't I keep the weight off?

Posted by Dom Lewis on

When weight loss is not about CICO

It’s not unusual to see calorie counting or “calories in calories out” (CICO) being used as a weight loss method.

It’s old school, 500 calories of a McDonalds meal DOES NOT contain the same nutrients, good fats, vitamins, amino acids etc as a grass fed, grain free, GLYPHOSATE and antibiotic free piece of beef. BUT some of us still live by the rule. And we BLAME ourselves when it doesn’t work for us. And then we live our lives in DENIAL. Live our lives with a constant feeling of missing out because we are in deficit.

But what if it wasn’t our fault?

What if the amount we ate had less to do with how heavy we were than we thought? Well maybe, instead of us BLAMING THE CALORIES (good or bad), how about reasoning that there could be another explanation as to why the weight won’t come off, and more importantly STAY OFF.

Here’s a little list of some other reasons for weight gain or no weight loss;

WGA (wheat germ agglutinin)

Pectin Resistance


Caesin A




Microbiome Imbalance




Protein (excess converted to sugars)

Insulin Resistance

Meal Times

Lymphatic System


Nutrient Deficiency

Constant Growth Cycle

Leaky gut



The list can go on and on. Internal inflammation is often the key. So you see it’s not always as easy as CICO. It’s not always as easy as eat less.


It could be time to balance and treat your body well. It might be time for a “Great Reset”.

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