Feed Your Gut Bacteria for Brain Health

Posted by Dom Lewis on

Did you realise that the quality and quantity of your gut bacteria have a huge impact on the availability of neurochemicals for good brain health amd mood.


Dopamine and serotonin are manufactured in the gut and both are associated with your mental health, happiness and zest for life. Your microbiome, in your gut, is also responsible for any nutrients that look after the health of your brain.


So to ensure that the “good” crosses you’re amazing blood brain barrier, weed, seed and feed your gut.

 Weed: make sure that you eat/supplement to weaken the bad bacteria, repair your gut lining (a root cause of inflammation) and lay the foundations for a thriving community of microbes.

Feed: give your microbiome the foods they love like prebiotic fibre and polyphenols in greens, garlic, herbs and more.

Seed: once your gut is cleansed and fed make sure to increase the variety and quantity of good bacteria with probiotics including fermented foods.


Now your gut is signalling your brain and you’re running on wellness, and your gut is producing postbiotics like butyrate that can help stop inflammation and lower blood sugar levels.


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